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As a reporter I consider myself extremely lucky, and I'll tell you why. My involvement in culture programmes in ‘Canal Plus’ and style programmes on ‘Canal Estilo’ provided me with the invaluable opportunity to meet, enjoy and learn from talented people... as well as exceptional situations and events.

Personal reasons led me to move to Marbella from Madrid; it was the end of a chapter but the start of a new, equally as fascinating… family, kids… and almost without realising it I started collaborating with an event planning company. With this, I discovered that my background, experience and taste for the ‘mise en scène’ provided me with a priviledged advantage when it came to designing a special event.

It’s now been over 10 years dedicated to organising weddings, celebrations, inaugurations and presentations. My commitment in each of these projects has been tangible, and has allowed me to bring them to life as envisioned, by taking the right decisions, carefully planning and visualizing even the smallest of details.

Event Design is the expression of a passion for creating unforgettable sensations. 

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